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We help brands push boundaries and achieve their goals hassle-free

  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Software Development
  • Games Development
  • VR/XR/AR
  • 3D Animation

Frequently Asked

1. What kind of services do you provide?
Our consultancy with a combined knowledge of hundreds of years of experience across both partners and team members is the one stop shop for anything related to web development, motion graphics,UX development and 3D(metaverse content,video games development,VFX,animation).
2. Are all services available at any moment and can I start my project immediately?
Due to the current amount of projects existing, we can guarantee immediate project starts for Web & App development services. For more complex projects requiring VR/XR/3D/Metaverse/Games development, our current lead time is 1 month before a project on those verticals can start due to team members availability and of course on going projects.
3. What kind of projects do you accept for software development?
We currently work on both large and small case projects so no task is non-feasible. We are working both on appplications/websites used by millions of users monthly and websites for SMB companies that require the extra boost to perfection..
4.Are your consultants internal or can we hire someone to come in-house for software development?
Our consultants/team members are mainly internal. As we appreciate that many times different companies depending on size and security have different demands, we can organize our consultants to come and work directly in your premises.
5. I am interested on utilizing your services but require only maintenance. Is that possible?
At this point unfortunately due to projects existing and of course time, we can not offer a maintenance only service for projects as our consultants are busy with current clients.
6. What do I need to send to you, so you can start my project?
Everything starts with an idea and of course an estimated budget! Send us your wish and your ideas on what ideally you would like to create, then have a proper talk with one of our consultants and see where it leads.
7. I am extremely interested over your 3D/Metaverse/Motion Graphics/VFX services and have this fantastic project. How do we start?
Due to the extreme complexity both requiring time and tech knowledge we follow a slightly different approach on planning and assisting companies with these requirements. To get our best talent and expertise please get in touch with us directly to arrange an in depth discussion and see behind the scenes how we create magic.
8. How long do 3D projects take to finish?
This is a tricky question as it always depends on estimated dealines,urgency and of course budget. Our average 3D project can last from a week for smaller scale things to over 8-9 months depending on complexity required.